distribution radiale par cones

Meilleur rendement
meilleur refroidissement et effet de condensation = gain de capacité

Grande fiabilité
moins d'usure et maintenance très facile

A V A N T A G E S   D E   L A   D I S T R I B U T I O N   R A D I A L E 

Most manufacturers of liquid ring pumps have standardized on the cheaper "flat-sided"-design using a flat port plate:
Gas enters and leaves the rotor chamber from the side (axially).

In a CUTES vacuum pump the large inlet and discharge port areas in the cones ensure that flow losses are reduced and that the fill level of the chambers is increased.

Take advantage of our design!

E F F I C A C I T É 

Extremely high ability to handle liquid carryover
Higher condensation bonus

F I A B I L I T É 

Ability to handle small solid particles, less wear
Clearances easily adjustable by adding or removing shims